Barry Wacksman

Barry Wacksman is Vice Chairman and Global Chief Strategy Officer of R/GA, overseeing all of R/GA’s strategic practices, from consulting to insights to data. He also oversees the global business development team. Barry is a key architect of R/GA’s vision of “Transformation at Speed,” which focuses on helping brands grow amid technology disruption via an interconnected set of transformative capabilities – at speed. He writes and publishes articles in a wide variety of industry publications. He presents on topics pertaining to strategy, innovation, design and technology at conferences and events around the world.

Barry is the co-author of Connected by Design (2014, John Wiley and Sons) where he developed the concept of “Connected Ecosystems” and “Functional Integration” to describe the business models of market leaders like Apple, Google and Amazon as well as the emergence of new categories like “a connected home,” “a connected car” and “connected financial services.”

Since joining R/GA in 1999, the company has grown organically from a pioneering digital agency of under 50 employees to a connected company spanning consulting, design, technology and advertising, employing over 2,000 staff in 18 offices globally. Barry led the charge to acquire many of the world-class brands that make up R/GA’s client roster, from Nike to Samsung to Google to Verizon.