Press center

Regulations of work with mass media during the preparation and holding of the 45th IAA World Congress 2021 in St. Petersburg

General provisions

These Regulations are developed to ensure a systematic approach to informing mass media (hereinafter — «media») about the 45th IAA World Congress 2021 in St. Petersburg (hereinafter — the «Congress»), improving the procedure for providing media with timely and objective information about the Congress, streamlining interaction of the organizers and speakers of the Congress with the media.

The main sources of information about the Congress include:

  • the official web-site of the Congress on the Internet: (hereinafter — the official web-site of the Congress);
  • interviews and public speeches of organizers, speakers and participants of the Congress;
  • press releases, announcements, reports with information and references about the Congress for media, announcements of upcoming events and other information materials distributed by the Congress Press Center.

Cooperation with the media during the preparation and holding of the Congress includes:

  • accreditation of media representatives;
  • providing information to journalists about the Congress, if requested by media representatives;
  • responding to media enquiries and interviews with organizers, speakers, participants of the Congress;
  • planning and organization of planned public speeches of organizers, speakers, participants of the Congress with the participation (invitation) of media representatives.

General coordination of work with the media is carried out by the Congress press center

  • The Organizing Committee of the Congress shall establish the Congress Press Center authorized to interact with the media. Contact details of the press center shall be posted on the official web-site of the Congress.

The procedure for the participation of media representatives in the events of the Congress

  • Participation of media representatives in the Congress events shall be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the rules for media accreditation established by the Congress Organizing Committee.
  • The rules for media accreditation for the Congress events shall be posted on the official web-site of the Congress.

The procedure for submitting information to the media

  • The official information about the Congress is provided to the media by the Congress Press Center.
  • The official information is provided to the media orally or in writing, including by posting it on the official Congress web-site.
  • The official information provided orally includes public speeches, interviews and comments from organizers and speakers of the Congress, including those made by them on television and radio programs, at press conferences, briefings, round tables and other events.
  • The official information provided in writing includes articles by the organizers and speakers Congress, press releases, announcements of upcoming events and other information materials about the Congress, published on the official web-site of the Congress, and also sent to the media.


  • For more information about the Congress, comments of the organizers, speakers, participants of the Congress, organizing interviews with the organizers, speakers, participants of the Congress, the media should submit enquiries to the Congress Press Center.

    Enquiries shall specify:
    • the key issue (subject of the enquiry);
    • a preliminary list of questions;
    • contact information of a journalist;
    • brief information about the media: the actual address of its editorial office with a postal code, telephone number, the form of periodic distribution, the subject and (or) specialization of the media, frequency of release, territory of distribution;
    • in case of a planned interview, the proposed date, time and venue shall also be informed;
    • the enquiry can be sent to the Congress Press Center by e-mail.

Organization of the events of the Congress with media participation

  • Organizers of the Congress shall draw up a schedule of public press events that could be visited by media representatives, and publish the information on the official Congress website, as well as send this information to the media.
  • Media representatives should inform the Congress organizers of their intention to attend press events via e-mail to the Congress Press Center.
  • At press events, media representatives shall be provided with all the necessary handout information on the subject of a press event.
  • Additional requests for comments, interviews and background information on the press event by the media should be sent via e-mail to the Congress Press Center.