Legal Practicum within Congress-2020

Among the Business program events of 45th IAA World Congress, there is a Partners’ event, Legal Practicum. It will be organized by Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA).

GALA is an alliance of lawyers located throughout the world with expertise and experience in advertising, marketing and promotion law. Over 80 member-countries provide a worldwide resource to individuals and corporations interested in answers to questions and solutions to problems involving complex legal issues affecting advertisers and marketers.

The Legal Practicum will be held on May 28 at the Presidential Library named after B. N. Yeltsin. The event operator is the ALRUD Law Company. The Legal Practicum will be moderated by Irina Anyukhina, Partner of ALRUD Company, and Marianna Ivanova, Head of Legal Department of Gazprom Media.

Participants of the event, heads of legal departments in communications and advertising groups, will discuss international and Russian cases from advertising law practice.