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  • Accreditation of media representatives (hereinafter — «media») for exhibitions, congresses, a forum and other events shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation on regulation of mass media and these Rules with the purpose to regulate work of media representatives at the events.
  • Media representatives shall be accredited for all events held within the 45th IAA World Congress 2021. Accreditation shall be valid for the duration of each particular event (business, educational, cultural, etc.)
  • Russian media representatives, including journalists, press photographers, TV cameramen and others shall be registered with the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation on mass media. Foreign journalists registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall have the right to receive accreditation.
  • Persons who are not media representatives, nor representatives of advertising publications, catalogues, and internet portals, do not have the right to receive media accreditation.
  • The Organizing Committee of the 45th IAA World Congress 2021 reserves the right to limit the number of accredited journalists and to refuse provide accreditation to media representatives who submit incorrect information about themselves, miss the deadline for requesting accreditation or fail to comply with the working regulation at an event.
  • Media representatives wishing to cover the events within the 45th IAA World Congress 2021 shall submit an accreditation application form (hereinafter referred to as the «Application Form») via the official web-site of the Congress ( All fields of the form shall be filled in. Applications that do not meet the requirements outlined in this paragraph will not be considered. The accreditation process will end one day before each event, unless special accreditation rules apply.
  • Media representatives will receive their badges at the venue of the 45th IAA World Congress 2021 at the Media Registration desk only if they have approved accreditation in the databases of the Congress and provide professional credentials or proof of editorial tasks.

Accredited media representatives shall have the right:

  • to attend business and educational events of the Congress;
  • to receive information on the program of the Congress events;
  • to film or take photographs in the area where the Congress is taking place;
  • to make use of all services intended for journalists;
  • when applicable, to work in and make use of the facilities provided by the press center during the Congress;
  • to attend press conferences, briefings, and other media events of the Congress.
Press center:

Accredited journalists shall:

  • wear their badges at all times when working at the Congress;
  • present their identification or professional credentials when requested whilst carrying out their work;
  • not interfere with the events of the Congress that have not been specifically organized for the press;
  • report information accurately;
  • comply with the rules of the Congress and not take photographs or film if so requested by security representatives at the event;
  • when using official information or quotations from the organizers, speakers and participants of the Congress, include in the published materials a reference to the name of the Congress and the source of information;
  • Possession of accreditation does not imply access to invitation-only events;
  • in some cases, special accreditation procedures may be in place. If so, information will be published on the official web-site of the Congress, in the Press Center section.
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