Welcome to St. Petersburg!

St. Petersburg is the Northern Capital and the second largest city in Russia. It is a popular tourism and leisure center that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

From October 1, 2019 citizens of  53 countries can visit St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region with a free e-visa (in accordance with the order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2021-р of 10 September 2019).

In the presence of a valid ordinary Russian visa it is not necessary to issue a separate e-visa to visit St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Validity period of a regular visa is not extended by obtaining an e-visa.

To ensure a comfortable stay in St. Petersburg please read the following information carefully.

Before applying for a visa, you need to check whether your country is on the list of countries, citizens of which are allowed to enter the Russian Federation through checkpoints located on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region with an e-visa.

E-visa is valid to enter and leave Russia only through certain state checkpoints on the borders of the Russian Federation.

The list of checkpoints for visiting St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

Сheckpoints for cars:

  1. Ivangorod
  2. Torfyanovka
  3. Brusnitchnoe
  4. Svetogorsk

Checkpoints for ships:

  1. Vysotsk
  2. Big port of Saint Petersburg (Marine station section)
  3. Passenger port Saint Petersburg

Checkpoint for aircrafts:

  1. Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo)

Pedestrian checkpoint:

  1. Ivangorod

PLEASE NOTE! Entry and exit with an e-visa by rail transport is not available at the moment.

Types of e-visas:

  • ordinary business (purpose of the trip is business)
  • ordinary tourist (purpose of the trip is tourism)
  • ordinary humanitarian (purpose of the trip is sports relations, cultural relations, scientific and technical relations)

For other travel purposes, e-visas are not provided.

The procedure for issuing a one-time e-visa

(in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1252 of 26 September 2019)

Processing of an e-visa is carried out via Internet. You do not need to come to the consular section of the embassy. An e-visa is processed on the website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

An e-visa is issued free of charge.

All necessary information about St. Petersburg can be found at and by downloading a free Visitpetersburg mobile app.

To obtain an e-visa you need:


Passport requirements for visiting Russia by an e-visa:

  • there should be at least 6 months before the passport expiration from the date of filing an application for an e-visa;
  • there should be free space in the passport for border crossing stamps.

Medical insurance policy

Foreign citizens need to have a medical insurance policy, which is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation for the entire stay.

To obtain an e-visa the following documents are not required:

  • invitations;
  • hotel reservation confirmations;
  • any other documents confirming the purpose of the trip to the Russian Federation.

Single entry e-visa is issued for a period of 30 calendar days starting from the date of issue.

Allowed period of stay in the Russian Federation with an e-visa is up  to 8 days starting from the date of entry, and within the limits of its validity. ATTENTION! The allowed period of stay in the Russian Federation of up to 8 days under an e-visa does not imply that one can stay for the entire 192 hours (24 hours multiplied by 8). The day of entry and the day of exit are counted as two days.

Count of start of stay period in Russia is always rounded up to 00 hours 00 minutes of the date of passport control on entry.

For example:

An e-visa is valid from July 15 to August 13, and passport control on entry was done on August 1 at 20 hours 00 minutes. In this case, passport control on exit should be done on August 8 till 23 hours 59 minutes (and not till 20 hours on August 9).

The issue period of an e-visa is up to 4 calendar days from the filing date of the complete applications.

Holidays and weekends do not affect the turnaround time of an e-visa.

You can fill in an application form for an e-visa not earlier than 20 days and no later than 4 days before the intended date of entry into the Russian Federation.

If 4 days after the registration of your e-visa application you have not received a notification of the result of its consideration, please send an e-mail to We kindly request you to indicate your application ID, your citizenship and your passport number in the message.

Foreign citizens arriving in St. Petersburg with e-visas are entitled to freedom of movement only within the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Exit, respectively, is also carried out through abovementioned checkpoints in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Trips to other cities of the Russian Federation with this e-visa are FORBIDDEN (in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 11 of the Federal Law No. 115-ФЗ of 25 July 2002 On the Legal Status of Foreign citizens in the Russian Federation).

An e-visa cannot be prolonged.

A foreign citizen bears administrative responsibility for violation of the above provisions concerning duration and order of stay on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region with an e-visa in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (in accordance with part 3.1 of article 18.8 of the Russian Federation Code on Administrative Offenses).

If you are planning to stay longer than 8 days in Russia, or visit other cities, you will need to obtain an ordinary visa, which may require a written invitation from the Organizers. In such case, please contact us and we will help you to receive an invitation on behalf of FAS Russia.

The information is provided by St. Petersburg State Agency «Congress and exhibition bureau».


For all questions on electronic visas please contact:

Write an email +7 (981) 967 09 09