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About the Association

About the International Advertising Association

The International Advertising Association (the IAA) is the world’s most influential network of marketing and marketing communications professionals. Established in 1938, the International Advertising Association is the only global association that represents all spheres of the marketing and marketing communications industry. For over 80 years the IAA has played a strong role in supporting key industry issues such as freedom of commercial speech, self-regulation, responsible advertising, education and professional development.

On the ground, we have over 4,000 individual and corporate members spanning marketing, advertising, media, IT communications and academic sectors — all involved in the wide range of brand marketing and marketing communications disciplines. The IAA has presence in the markets of 56 countries through Chapters in 33 countries and education affiliates in 44 countries. Within our reach, we serve the collective interests of the entire marketing communications profession, unlike other bodies that defend only the interests of the sectors they represent.


The IAA is committed to be the Global Compass of the marketing communications industry.

We point towards excellence in meaningful creativity that helps our constituents remain true to the timeless principles of building strong brands and forging meaningful relationships with the consumers they serve and the society in which we live.

We use our thought leadership, initiatives in education, continuous development programs and world-class conferences, to help navigate through the ever-changing areas of regulation, technology that empowers, and the aspirations of increasingly confident consumers.

We are a unique network of marketers, advertising agencies, media, tech-companies and educators who are responsibly and constantly evaluating what is new.

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About the IAA World Congress

The IAA World Congress — is the most influential global platform to discuss a development strategy of the marketing communications industry amongst the world’s leading, visionary founders as well as global, C-level suite executives.

The host cities for the IAA World Congress have always been the largest world’s business centers, including Beijing, London, Moscow, Washington, Dubai. But starting last year,
the association decided to switch to selecting cities in terms of their cultural value or technology innovation. Kochi (India) became the first city to host the Congress in February 2019.

45th World Congress 2021 will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, known for its rich artistic heritage. The Congress will become the major activity in the communications industry in Russia and the must attend event for the rest of the world.

Leading experts and speakers with great experience in the industry, authorities’ representatives, young specialists will gather in St. Petersburg to discuss opportunities for emphasizing of strategic partnership between communications market participants and development of communications industry within 2030 perspective.

The 45th IAA World Congress, St. Petersburg

The MarCom industry is in the midst of revolution. It is common knowledge that technology is dramatically reshaping the way products and services are sold. In a mobile-first world, access to goods and services is infinite, and purchase is instantaneous.

On top of all this, something more fundamental is happening. The relationship between consumers and brands is evolving at warp speed. We are moving from a «tell and sell» world to the one in which consumers, fueled by new technologies, have more power in deciding what, where, when and how they buy. And how they interact.

«Power to people», a topic of the 2021 World Congress, will dive deep into this sea change and the implications it has on brands, consumers and the society.

A new era of consumer empowerment touches every angle of marketing — from privacy concerns and new forms of creativity to the importance of data protection in making personalized product/service offerings. At the same time, timeless fundamentals of creating high value brands remain as relevant as ever to high performance of any company.

Join us in St. Petersburg! We gather the brightest industry stars to share their expertise on how to win on today’s commercial landscape.


The International Advertising Association (the IAA)
Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (the FAS Russia)
Government of Saint Petersburg

International Organizing Committee

Srinivasan SWAMY IAA President and World Chairman
Alexander BEGLOV Governor of St. Petersburg
Boris YEREMIN IAA Vice-President on Major Events, the IAA Russia President
Andrey KASHEVAROV Deputy Head of the FAS Russia
Irina POTEKHINA Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg
Pawel KOWALEWSKI IAA Vice-President, Europe Area Director
Dagmara SZULCE IAA Global Managing Director
Vadim VLADIMIROV Head of FAS Directorate in St. Petersburg
Felix TATARU IAA Immediate Past President and Chairman
Sergey KOPTEV Program Director of Congress 2021, Representative of National Advertising Alliance — the IAA Global Corporate Member
Aleksey TOLSTOGAN CEO, National Advertising Alliance – the IAA Global Corporate Member
Jean-Emmanuel de WITT Project Director of Congress 2021, Representative of Russ Outdoor — the IAA National Corporate Member

National Organizing Committee

Igor ARTEMYEV Head of the FAS Russia
Alexander BEGLOV Governor of St. Petersburg
Alexey VOLIN Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Boris YEREMIN IAA Vice-President on Major Events, IAA Russia President
Sergey PISKAREV President of the Russian Communications Agencies Association
Sergey KATYRIN President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Vladimir MIKLUSHEVSKY Rector of Moscow Polytechnic University
Alexander MENCHUK First Deputy Head of the Main Directorate for Information Policy of the Moscow Region
Anastasia ZVYAGINA Minister of Information Policy, Government of the Moscow Region

Industrial partners

RusBrand, the Association of Branded Goods Manufactures
IAB Russia
The National Association of Visual Communications
The Russian Association of Branded Companies
The Russian Academy of Public Relations
The Russian Academy of Public Relations
The Association of Communications Directors and Corporate Media of Russia
The Advertising Council – the Marketing Industry Association
Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies (ACMA)
Russian Public Relations Association


Alexey POPOVICHEV Executive Director of the RusBrand Association
Boris OMELNITSKY President of IAB Russia
Executive Director of the Russian Communications Agencies Association
Anna LUKANINA President of the Russian Association of Brand Companies
Yekaterina KOLYADA Member of the Supervisory Council under the Management Board of the Association of Communications Directors and Corporate Media of Russia
Yelena MIKHAILOVA President of the National Association of Visual Communications
Ruslan NOVIKOV President of GIPP, the Union of Publishers
Dzhemir DEGTYARENKO Executive Director of the Association of Communications Directors and Corporate Media of Russia
Tatyana SHCHERBAKOVA President of ARK Group, Vice-president of the Russian Association of Marketing Managers
Vitaly RASNITSYN President of the Russian Academy of Public Relations
Alexander SHIROKIKH CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters
Sergey PILATOV Chairman of the Board of the Advertising Council Association
Alena USTINOVICH Chair of ACMA, Belarus
Boris GRIGORIEV Founder of the Service measuring reputation Pravdaserm.com
Stanislav STANISLAV Executive Director of AG Deltaplan
Alexey PARFUN Development Director of AG Deltaplan, Director of ACAR Urals
Alexey ANDREEV Vice-president and co-founder of Association of Russian Branding Companies, CEO, managing partner of Depot branding agency
Alexander ALEXEEV President of ADCR
Valeriya LUBIMOVA Rossiya Segodnya, Sputnik, Commercial Director
Alexey KOVYLOV First vice-president of ACAR
Mikhail DYMSHITS CEO of Dymshits and Partners
Ekaterina VESELKOVA CEO sales-house Gazprom-media