45th IAA
World Congress
st. Petersburg


COVID19 pandemic had a global impact and dramatically changed plans for largescale events, which had to take place this spring and summer all over the world.

Organizers of the 45th IAA World Congress, as many others, have faced the necessity to shift the planned for May 2020 event for more favorable time. Initially, we were considering an opportunity to organize a smaller event this autumn. Nevertheless, taking into account that the Congress should welcome marketing and communications experts from 34 countries, organizers have made a team decision to postpone the event.

With this, many components have stayed unchanged. The 45th IAA World Congress will take place, as it was initially planned, in St. Petersburg. We are keeping all key components of business and evening program. Moreover, we are sure that our partners and ambassadors are staying with us.

Now we are working on changing the Congress theme and Business sessions topics. These changes are necessary due to a new reality.

We thank all our partners for your support! From our side we will do our best to organize and hold this largescale and important international event at the highest possible level.

Follow the news at our official resources. All pages will be available after the new Congress theme and Business sessions topics are confirmed.

Organizing Committee of the 45th IAA World Congress